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Been a while.=)

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Starters I'm playing Kingdom hearts 3D on critical mode which has been alot of fun.

Secondly I've messing with online a bit. We got a wireless router a while ago.Yay. Though I'm still using my Nintendo USB when I'm in my room. Too far from the router in there.XD

I've been messing with the 3DS browser, the eshop and even the multiple downloads. I've also used the GTS a bit in both Diamond and Black versions.

However I'm a bit puzzled on one thing. I can't seem to connect my Pokemon conquest game online at all anymore. I once got it online when we first got the new router and it was after we got the new router in so the router change was not an issue since I first connected it online with the new router.

However ever since then error, error, error, error. Can not even get it online to even look at downloading anymore missions.

It's an aussie conquest game but I doubt that has anything to do with it.

Also Just to note again my pokemon diamond connects perfectly on both the 3DS, DSlite and through both the USB connector and the router.

If it were an issue with older DS games Diamond should be having the same issue but that's not the case. Diamond connecting perfectly with no errors.

I can't get conquest to connect using anything. Doesn't work on DSlite, doesn't work on 3DS, doesn't work using the router or the nintendo USB connector.

Yet every other Pokemon game work fine. From Diamond to black I can still access online.

The only other thing I can think of is the server but seriously I haven't seen anyone else have the issue so it's hard to swallow the server being an issue. I'll keep trying even though I've been trying for a week. Maybe a different time of day might work better.=/

I'm just about ready to give up.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe my Pokemon conquest wifi part of the cartridge decided to somehow break after one use. It's the only other explanation................

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