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  1. Normal-type Reviews: Teddiursa & Ursaring

    We're back for the Normal-type reviews, and today we're going to focus on Teddiursa and Ursaring, bear Pokémon with bright symbols on their bodies! If you are ready with this one, please proceed.

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  2. my 5 favorite Ace attorney cases

    5. turnabout reclaimed(dual destinies)
    how many whales go to court to begin with??????
    4. chapter 5: the golden trial(PL vs PW:AA)
    this one made me tear up more than the final cases of the majority of the series somehow.
    3. turnabout target (investigations 2)
    does a good job at setting up the game and tying it to AAI, and is better than that game's first case.
    2. turnabout serenade (apollo justice)
    the plot twist in the case about the victim is a ...

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  3. Honest Reactions: Lysandre's Ultimatum

    What was your reaction when Lysandre basically signed everybody's death warrant over the Holo Caster broadcast in X/Y?

    "... you just done-did broke my Circle of Trust, jackass."
  4. It ain't pretty, but schedule fixed!

    Made it to like 4PM or 5PM yesterday, sleeping until 10PM. But afrer that was able to sleep from 2AMish to 6AM just now. Unorthodox, but a success all the same unless I' m speaking too soon.