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  1. Randomising games.

    Long time no see. I haven't posted much on these boards in a long while. Been playing too much sonic.^-^;;;;;

    Anyway I've been doing a lot of drawing, playing games and working. Nothing much since I was last here.

    Though the other day I actually made a list of all my games and and putting the list through a randomizer.XP

    I got bored trying to play games in order and found myself playing the same games over and over. I have a backlog so playing the same ...
  2. Sonic games

    Looks like my copy of Sonic 2006 has outlived it's purpose now.XP

    I originally bought it really really cheap for the glitches mainly. However now that I've experiences quite a number of glitches and yet haven't beat the game yet, I decided to actually watch on youtube the ending to see how bad the story got.

    The people who disliked it were not kidding. What on earth were sega thinking? Talk about horrible.=/
    I don't think I really want to go that far into the ...

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  3. From pokemon to Sonic the Hedgehog

    I've been taking a break from Pokemon anime and the games and things have shifted as a result.

    I'm a sonic the hedgehog fan. I just ploughed through the cartoons from the very first iteration and I'm now onto sonic X. I'm also playing sonic games.XP

    Problem is I don't really miss Pokemon anymore.o_O
    I mean it's a good cartoon and has good games but my interest has decreased. I'm more sad that I'm almost finished watching all the sonic stuff I have.D=

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  4. Australian Pokemon DVD's and kind of bored

    Not much is happening at the moment.

    Though I'd thought I'd give a heads up on a couple of things.=3

    This is old news but I figured I'll say it just in case some don't know yet.

    For one Pokemon origins is out on DVD in Australia now.

    Also I don't know how this is going to be handled but there's another set of covers for season sets happening currently. Just thought I'd give a heads up so people don't get confused.
    These are the ...
  5. Time to improve myself

    I admit I have come out with some stupid things in the past. Stuff I regret sometimes. Stuff that can be misunderstood. etc.

    My biggest aim in life is to improve myself character wise and try to become a better person but I have a long way to go. I still make mistakes. Sorry if I came out with any stupid comments in the past. I sometimes don't think.

    Currently I'm trying to gain more knowledge and spread myself out to new areas. I'm not sure where this will lead me ...

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