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by , 20th July 2011 at 08:37 PM (218 Views)
Well this will be my first blog post which will just be a introduction to my nuzlocke challenge blog. Basically i will be playing with these rules.

1.Can only catch the first pokemon in each route.
2.If a pokemon faints it has to be released never to be used again(i will put them in a box though so that i can have a memorial picture for a final picture when the blogs over.)
3.No Healing Items however oran and citrus berrys may be used.
4.Can only have 5 pokeballs in my bag at all times and can only refill once per mart.'
5.No catching two of the same pokemon.
6.No catching/using legendaries

So without further ado i will bring you all the opening of *DUH DUNA DUH* manwithaplan's Nuzlocke Challenge!

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