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X Shiny Number Sixteen!

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by , 12th January 2014 at 08:43 PM (892 Views)
lol ur dum if u thot i wuz dun

In all seriousness, I was just training and I caught this guy. XD I'm on a shiny hunt break, and they still come. What the fuck?


This is Mishka. He was caught at 7:19 CST. I'm highly considering evolving him. He has above average potential, and his perfect IVs are Attack and Special Defense. His nature is kinda wasteful. Quiet...

When catching this guy, he was stubborn. I accidentally threw a couple of Ultra balls at him, but luckily, he broke out of those so I could begin using Pokeballs instead. Most of my shinies go in one to two balls, but not Mishka. -_- Half of me wanted to give up on the bastard. XD

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  1. Zeems's Avatar
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    I evolved him. :3

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  2. Markos's Avatar
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    ... I just dunno what to say at this point.
  3. Lord Apex's Avatar
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    Using cheats obviously! :p


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