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Username Decision

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Wow, it's been a long time since I have written a blog. XD

I can change my username in three days, and I could use some help deciding which one to go with.

Kagerow (A U at the end instead of a W is also an option)

Keeping it the same is also an option, but I feel like this one has gotten pretty stale.

God I feel silly writing this blog.

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  1. Zexy's Avatar
    I guess Kaji comes from Kajika, right? xD
    I think that both Kagerow and Mayfly could be nice.
    As for Rinsei, I don't know what it is...
    no need to feel silly, deciding on other people's usernames is quite the thing for blogs
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    I think Zima's the best. Mayfly's my second choice.
  3. Gaga's Avatar
    it doesn't matter what you change it to, I will call you Zeems
  4. GastlyGibus's Avatar
    Mayfly has a nice ring to it. If you were to change, that would be my choice. :D
  5. Setra's Avatar
    You're always going to be Zima. No matter what. Even if you change it and never go back to Zima, you will be Zima.

    So my vote is stay with Zima.
  6. Xita's Avatar
    Keep Zima.
  7. Emolga's Avatar
    I think that Mayfly's the best out of those options. I would choose Shiny Ditto though, if I were you. ;)
  8. Jolene's Avatar
    Zeemer is the best hands down.
  9. Baf's Avatar
    We'll still all call you Zima.


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