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Tales of a Shiny Hunter

An Update on the Shinies

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by , 13th February 2014 at 07:31 AM (230 Views)
As of right now, I have fifty-five in X. Don't ask me which ones they are; that's too many to remember.

In all, I have sixty-one.

My favorite shiny is still Sparky the Quilladin, but I am quite fond of my two Basculin. Mostly my Red-striped one because the original I encountered used Final Gambit first, so I had to chain even more fish to get Riba.

Four of my shinies are dead, so I've actually encountered sixty-five in all of my Pokemon-playing history.

My latest one was a female Pyroar in the Friend Safari who I encountered while EV-training with said species and Braixen.

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  1. Phoenixon's Avatar
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    Umm... "dead"? What's that supposed to mean?
  2. Zeems's Avatar
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    • permalink

    Ones that have been knocked out.
  3. Zexy's Avatar
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    • permalink
    That has been a real lot! Great job, Zima!
  4. FireBlader15's Avatar
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    • permalink
    HACKS HACKS I SAY HACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Zeems's Avatar
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    For one, I can promise you that I am not one of the hackers of the 3DS. Two, I work very hard for my shinies; even if I had the skills to hack, I wouldn't do it.

    Also, if I could hack, wouldn't I make perfect Pokemon with perfect IVs and add EVs to them? Most of them don't have the desired natures, let alone IVs.


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