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Tales of a Shiny Hunter


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Okay. I want you guys to post a number or two in the comments, and I will answer that question. :)

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  1. OceanicWildfire's Avatar
    Oh hai! 3 and 40!
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    28, 34, and 50. :3
  3. Charles Dunois's Avatar
    26 and 53.
  4. Akuraito's Avatar
    14, 39, 51.
  5. Oswin's Avatar
    31, 42 and 35
  6. Eleven's Avatar
    3. I don't really like to be hugged or touched, so no-one.
    26. Internal conflict?... Finding an answer caused an internal conflict...
    28. I would love to be a woodworker. :)
    34. When people refer to Russians as Soviets. THE SOVIET UNION DISSOLVED!!
    40. Well... I ran into a pole and had to get stitches in my head...
    50. I never really thought about that... Maybe courageous or something...
    53. I hate that I have ADHD and can't focus for shit.
  7. Eleven's Avatar
    14. Oh jeez... Honestly, I don't think I have achieved any of my goals...
    31. I'd travel the world. :)
    35. None...
    39. I'd say I'm good at drawing and handcrafting things.
    42. Well... Hearing someone say they think I'm their best friend... :)
    51. I hate thinking about my past... I can't answer that one...
  8. Pidgeot's Avatar
    1, 29, and 32.
  9. Eleven's Avatar
    1. I'm straight, but I plan on staying single for most, if not all, of my life.
    29. You know, I never get embarrassed. XD
    32. I don't really like anyone, so you get no description.
  10. Catspring's Avatar
    Picked three random numbers~

    24, 38, 44
  11. Eleven's Avatar
    24. chose numbers based on what they said. :P
    38. I have no such ideas. XD
    44. My sister talking to herself. XDD


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