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  1. My apologies to everybody.

    The last blog that I had posted was a joke that was pretty offensive, and I'm deeply sorry for it. Even though I didn't mean for it to come off as such, it was still wrong and I didn't think about it thoroughly enough before posting it. Even though the joke was aimed at the controversy itself and not the people that it originally offended when it happened, that doesn't excuse it. So again, I deeply apologize for it.

    I would have apologized for this much earlier, but at the time I ...
  2. Mega Johto Starter Ability recommendations needed for Pokemon Crimson

    Feel free to make one up if you don't like the ones I have

    Mega Meganium will be Grass/Psychic and have Mayan design influences

    Mega Typhlosion will be Fire/Ground and have Roman design influences

    Mega Feraligatr will be Water/Dragon and have Egyptian design influences

    Possible Mega abilities for each;

    Meganium: Serene Grace, Natural Cure, Flower Veil, Forewarn
    Typhlosion: Competitive, Filter, Flame Body, Anticipation ...
  3. Just found out Picross 2 is an actual game and is actually out or......

    Reason #40538 no Nintendo Directs sucks. I found this out randomly, but now my day is made. Thing has other shapes then cubes when a puzzle is solved apparently, brings back difficulty levels, and seems to be a blast. Buying a 3DS was mostly for theDS backlog I have ammased, but critically to play the original Picross 3D. Goddamn it, I cannot wait till its out, hopefully if it does get localized.
  4. Pokémon as Weapons

    Time for a belated Scribbledegook, as I remember that I wrote this damn entry a while go for a slow day. This is probably the sort of topic that really needs to be planned out for discussion over several weeks, but what the hell. Let's look at it from this angle – looking at the pokémon world as it apparently is, would guns find any use?

    On the face of it, it seems that the answer should be “No” - or at least, not much. However violent one interprets the sport of pokémon training ...
  5. Tune for Tuesday for Week of 10/6/2015: "Highway Star" by Deep Purple

    This week's Tune for Tuesday (or Wednesday, depending on where you are at the time that I'm posting this), "Highway Star" by Deep Purple, is a tribute not only to an amazing two week road trip I'll be concluding tomorrow, but to one of my favorite levels in a certain video game. Which game, you may ask? Here's a three word hint: Agents are...GO!!
    Tune for Tuesday