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Why, Volcarona WHY!!

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This is UNFAIR.


The foreign Larvesta I evolved in my Korean Black2 game had gained a Korean name for itself (it was un-nicknamed)

But when I transferred it over to Y version, the name changed into RAMOTH!! (German name for Volcarona)

And it isn't just Volcarona - Some of the other foreign un-nicknamed pokemons that I had evolved in my Korean game all changed into their originating language names!!

THIS ISN'T FAIR. I liked their Korean names!! Why did they change it on their own when transferring over? Why can't they just keep the names they gained upon evolving?

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Updated 25th December 2013 at 12:07 PM by Kyriaki



  1. FANG-TAN's Avatar
    Yeah, the first time my friend and I traded, we were surprised that his Phantump evolved into オーロット. The bright side is, he liked Japanese kana names and didn't care.

    Whereas I'm pretty annoyed that my hard-trained ゴースト will always end up being Gengar instead of ガンガー, unless I manage to find a player of the Japanese game that I can trust as much as my RL friends. Ugh. I prefer all the names to match in terms of grapheme.


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