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The value of Mime Jr.

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Recently, I'm trying to fill the last remaining blanks in the Pokedex using the GTS. Some of them required too much level ups or friendship, so I simply left a Mime Jr. at the GTS and asked for a pokemon like Tyranitar.

Speaking of Mime Jr....

Everytime I left a Mime Jr at the GTS, I'd get the pokemon I requested. The trades were always successful for some reason. My first thought was because I asked for common pokemon like Silcoon and such, but there were also people willing to give me a Leafeon that was well over level 67, and even a Dragonair as well as Tyranitar. So far, by leaving a Mime Jr at the GTS, I got more than 10 successful trades, two or three of them being pseudo-legendaries.

The trade value of Mime Jr. is rather impressive XDD

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  1. Zexy's Avatar
    In Generation 5, the only way to get Mr. Mime is through a swarm in White 2.
    At BW's era, you had to transfer it to Gen 4 or get it through trade, so it's value was high due to its inaccessibility by most :))
    White 2 lets you capture it, but again, it's only a little swarm encounter, of which lots of people may know nothing about.

    So, yeah, Mime Jr. is rather requested. Make sure you pass over lots this generation, never know what will happen in 6 xD


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