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Too many 6 legendary teams

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by , 7th February 2014 at 03:45 AM (642 Views)
Nowadays, I'm encountering teams with 6 legendaries quite frequently in free battles. There's just way too many teams with only legendaries that I'm starting to go online less and less. I'm forfeiting almost every match on the first turn, and when I don't, I get wiped out completely. I do have a few wins against those legendaries, but those wins are rare.

The whole 6 legendary teams are making me lose interest in battles. ;_;

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  1. Charles Dunois's Avatar
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    Ironically, I've yet to win a Random Matchup battle using even one Legendary.
  2. Phoenixon's Avatar
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    Well, why don't you make your own 6-legend team? With the amount of legendaries now (over 50 in total), you have a wide variety of types and stats to choose from.
    Unless, you don't have any legends from previous gens?
  3. Mokoniki's Avatar
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    You're just now encountering them? They've been around since online battles became a thing back in Gen IV. You are bound to encounter at least one trainer like this every time you go online, no matter what game it is. You really have no choice but to grin and bear it unfortunately. :I
  4. Jdog1020's Avatar
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    I challenge passerby. Not only can you score Friend Safaris by interacting with them a while, but in my experience, there is much more variety.
  5. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
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    Just because it's a legendary doesn't mean it's a good pokemon.

    The 'No Legendaries' rule that some people want others to follow is pretty stupid because it implies that a legendary is always better. This is simply not true.
  6. White Yoshi's Avatar
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    I'm quite sick of encountering people with the same strategies and Pokemon.

    Every time I see a; Wash Rotom, Protean Greninja, Mega Blaziken, Mega Kanghaskan, Azumarill, Gale Wing Talonflame or a Toxic Orb Gliscor I get turned off instantly. It isn't fun it feels like your battling the same person over and over.

    That is why I mainly Triple Battle. Seems to have more battle variety and much more strategy options so people don't keep on using the same one. Except the Flying/Levitate and Earthquake strategy.
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