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Spending two days without any money to spend... ;_;

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by , 4th March 2013 at 11:50 PM (2240 Views)
I only have transportation fees.

No money for food or books.

I skipped lunch yesterday. I searched my wallet out of desperation and found some coffee coupons I had stacked up last year - just enough for me to get something for free.

Money situation really makes it hard ;_; I have another dentist appointment coming up - and they're going to give me one last adjustment on the braces. At least I'll be free from braces afterwards, but yet another payment waiting... ;_;

And it's hard to ask my parents that I've used up my allowance - not with all that thriftiness I had shown over the past 20 years...

If there's one thing they are actually proud of, is that I can live off very few money compared to my peers... XDD;; While it's true I'm actually a stingy person, the truth is that I never shop for clothes or bags or any sort of stuff. I never buy any cosmetics - not your common 'lady'. Instead, I save up money to use it on what I really want to buy. Or, use it when I meet a friend to have a good meal and snacks. A friend had asked me where I got so much money to spend everytime I meet her... I don't have money, I just don't spend it anywhere else except for the minimum amount needed. Maybe a coffee or two, but that's just it.

However, with the inflation in prices, it's getting hard to even try to save money. I guess they would understand... but I'm not too optimistic on what they'd say. I already mentioned to mom that I didn't have much money left, but it's been a week and no allowance.

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  1. Venom's Avatar
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    I'm sorry to hear that you have financial problems but it isn't good to skip meals because of your pride.
  2. Typhlosionisafirebadger's Avatar
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    hey dude, I've been there (scrimping and saving for money) but food is an essential thing so you shouldn't feel bad about it. Are you a student? If so, you can get a ob on campus I think
  3. 97SaturnSL1's Avatar
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    what i do for food is pack my lunch. that has saved me over the first 16 week semester 240$. i do not really go out to eat because food is expensive and some foods i get ill on. but for me i useually just eat whatever i find at home and treat my self to a bagle if i find about 2 bucks in change. i find any loose change i can find and lock it away in a savings account. SInce i am saving up for a car i reaally want Badly...i use that as an enticement to not buy thing s that may be questionable and learn to allot and budget my money. what i would recomend is that you divide up your allounaces and make seperete accounts for things such as Food, transport, dentist, fun things, ect.that way you will have a better idea what amount of money you have availbel and have less chance of scrounging for extra money.
  4. QuietDragon's Avatar
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    Oh my God, I'm so sorry you've had to skip a meal! ;^;

    It's good that you're thrifty, but if you really need it, you should ask for some money! It's no good if your health suffers for it.
  5. maglev's Avatar
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    Go ask your parents for money, I'm sure your parents wouldn't want you to go missing meals, you might feel foolish, but you need to swallow that pride and ask for help.


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