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Random thoughts on Death Note

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by , 6th June 2013 at 12:33 PM (353 Views)
Wrong in all aspects, but still... even after several years since I first seen the anime (I saw the anime before reading the manga), I get this feeling, pleading that Light should've won. Of course he didn't, but idk... it would've been pretty epic if he won in the end. I wanted Light to win, but I guess Light's death was what made the series complete as a whole. Though, I wonder if it's wrong to wish Light to have won?

Light's my fav character, and all-time fav villain. All the other characters were great as well - everyone had their respective screen-times, all concerning their importance. I liked Mikami... until he became horribly disheartened and distorted in the end.

Btw, that moment of the warehouse where Mikami finally arrives... It gave me chills when he peered through the open door and glanced around, looking at everyone and then finally finding Light, yelling "GOD!! (KAMI!!)". Seriously, that has to be one of the scariest moments presented in Death Note. He was already a crazed maniac by that time he got to the warehouse... but really, that moment freaked me out when I first saw it in the anime.

(along with the infamous scene of Light saying "Just As Planned!" in that helicopter - man, that was just hellish; I was unable to think about anything else for a while after that scene).

Anyways, I eventually got to read the manga. Personally, while the manga is indeed the original source, I prefer the anime better because of the music and the epic screen effects they've given, and also the few additional scenes. Also... the manga has too much speech bubbles that it felt more like 'reading' than 'reading'.

While Light dies in both the anime and the manga, I'd say I preferred his anime death way more than his manga death. His manga death was just too pitiful and bitter to look at - and I guess maybe that's showing the ugly consequences and the price he eventually has to pay. On the other hand, his anime death really left me speechless. Running away, and dying alone in another warehouse, and having flashbacks of his younger-self; that one scene had so much meaning in it that couldn't be expressed. Boy, that was the first time ever that I stared at the credits, jaw dropped open, and applaud (the second and last time being when I finished Pokemon Black). I was really really moved.

There turns out to be holes in the plots. But even so, this is just one incredible story that I'd ever see.
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  1. Black Dragon's Avatar
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    Death Note is awshum in't it?
  2. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
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    I wanted Light to win too. Till he killed Takada.


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