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Professors and Evil Teams

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Prof Oak and Team Rocket
- Oak does nothing to help. Literally nothing.

Prof Elm and Team Rocket
- At least Elm gives you a call about the Radio Tower hijack.

Prof Birch and Team Aqua/Team Magma
- I thought this guy did his research outdoors? And he never leaves his lab even when the entire region is scorching/drowning?

Prof Rowan and Team Galactic
- He got attacked by the grunts, but he did try to help the PC and give information on the Sinnoh legends - in a LIBRARY when the lakes are exploding.

Prof Juniper and Team Plasma
- She does interact with N in BW, and also tries to help you by giving advice and information on the Unova legends from time to time

Prof Sycamore and Team Flare (spoiler in case)

So it seems the games have decided to give the professors more stuff to do than just give out starters and the pokedex. By each generation, the profs are playing bigger roles, and are getting more active in terms of helping the PC, and so far, it's been nicely done. I'm impressed.

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  1. Norzan's Avatar
    Still waiting for the Professor that turns out to be the leader of the evil team.
  2. Silktree's Avatar
    Sycamore did nothing to help the player (or Team Flare for that matter), even though he was aware of Lysandre's views. To say that he has a bigger role than Juniper did is a stretch.
  3. Capricious Equilibrium's Avatar
    To be fair, Rowan didn't know that the lakes were gonna explode ;)
  4. Xita's Avatar
    - Oak does nothing to help. Literally nothing.
    I think the words you're looking for here are "wasn't involved with TR," or "aware of TR's presence." Because while Sycamore did know Lysandre, he didn't help the MC at all either when it came to Team Flare.
  5. Kyriaki's Avatar
    @Silktree; Oh, I guess that may be a stretch. I never played the games, and the only information I could get was from reviews done by other people and referring to bulbapedia, where it says he tried gathering information on what Lysandre was plotting.
    @Xita; The title says "Professors and Evil teams", though yeah, I should have said that to make it more clear. And again, I never played the games, and all I know about Sycamore is from what I heard and read on the forums and pedia. They made it sound he did pretty important stuff.


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