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Pokemon Special Game Challenge feat. Emerald - #6

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The Rules - by @Midorikawa;

Starting with my call to Steven again because I wanted to hear him say I'm special, I head back to Mauville, Verdanturf, Rustboro, and eventually Petalburg since the next gym leader is Dad - Norman. Speaking of Dad, I can't wait to see the only Dad in the Pokemon universe in 3D when ORAS comes out.

-Petalburg Gym-
Since there are plenty of trainers in the gym, I decided to challenge all of them before facing Dad. He has a level 27 Spinda, level 27 Vigoroth, level 29 Linoone, and level 31 Slaking. Yukio (Combusken) went around Double-Kicking them just fine, so I won the Balance Badge without much trouble. Also got the TM Facade.

Wally's father appears and drags me to his house to give me the Surf HM. Great - now I can go on to Fortree. But before that, I visit home at Littleroot and got the Amulet Coin from Mom.

-New Mauville to Route 118-
Just when I got to Mauville, I found Wattson asking me to shut down the generator from New Mauville. It's a good chance to get a free TM Thunderbolt than having to pay for expensive coins at the Game Corner, so I head off to do Wattson's errand. I'll also get a free Thunderstone there... though I don't have anyone to evolve.

I got the Thunderbolt TM as a reward from Wattson and head east of the water Route 118. Steven suddenly appears and asks me about how I've been as a trainer. The way he's saying it's none of his business yet showing so much interest in my life makes me think he must have a tsundere side somehow... all the more better for my fanfics

-Weather Institute to Fortree City-
Anyways, after some trainer battles, I got to the Weather Institute where Team Aqua took over. Izumo (Manetric) sweeps them all and eventually beats Shelly. Team Aqua heads off to Mt. Pyre, where I will get to later. I got a Castform as a thank you gift from the scientist. Rule #6 states I can leave the gift pokemon in the PC if I'm not going to raise it. It looks lonely being the PC box all alone though...

Just when I crossed the last bridge to Fortree, May appears and challenges me to a battle. She has a level 29 Lombre, a level 31 Marshtomp, and a level 29 Slugma. I beat her easily. She gives me the Fly HM and leaves. Then stalker Scott approaches me again and tells me how wonderful I battled... yeah, yeah, moving on...

After healing up at the Fortree Pokemon Center, I head straight east to Route 120. I know that I won't be able to enter the gym without taking care of the Kecleon first, so I find Steven standing on a bridge, ready to witness me take down a Kecleon. After the Kecleon faints, Steven gives me the Devon Scope before leaving.

-Fortree Gym-
I head to the gym and start solving the puzzles. With Izumo's help, I get through the trainers pretty easily. Winona has 5 pokemons, which is a good sign that ORAS is likely going to have challenging gym leader teams as well. She has a level 29 Swablu, a level 33 Altaria (which knew Earthquake...), a level 29 Tropius, level 31 Skarmory, and level 30 Pelipper. She should have kept her Swellow from RS though.

Winona sent out Altaria as her second pokemon, and it KO'd Izumo. After that, the rest of my team fell apart :/ I was not prepared for the Dragon Dance + Earthquake combo. She's really a threat to watch out for. I decided this was where I should backtrack and do some other things, sidequests and more trainer battles. Shiemi (Azumarill) is going to need Ice Beam since I'm not planning to catch any Ice-type pokemons, and I don't want to spend money on game coins for this TM either. Bulbapedia reminds me there's an Ice Beam TM in the Abandoned Ship, so I head over there. Thankfully, I can get the Ice Beam TM before having to learn Dive.

Anyways, when I come back to Fortree Gym, I try a different strategy. Winona sends out Altaria as her second pokemon again, but this time, I have Izumo use Thunder Wave on her Altaria before switching out for Shiemi. Luckily, Altaria is unable to move one turn and Shiemi was able to 3-hit KO Altaria before getting taken out by Winona's Tropius. The rest of the battle ended swiftly with Izumo Thunderbolting her way, only switching out with Yukio for him to KO a Skarmory for extra exp. I got the Feather Badge, and now I can Fly anywhere I want. I also get Aerial Ace, but I'm saving it.

Scott gives me a call to congratulate me. Since I think I've done enough this time, I'll end the game and save.

-Progress Report-
Trainer: Rin
Fortree City Pokemon Center
6 badges

1. Yukio (M)

Level 35, Bashful Nature, Blaze
Double Kick, Cut, Peck, Ember

2. Mephisto (M)

Level 24, Quiet Nature, Guts
Peck, Wing Attack, Focus Energy, Quick Attack

3. Shiemi (F)

Level 25, Modest Nature, Thick Fat
Surf, Rollout, Rock Smash, Ice Beam

4. Izumo (F)

Level 31, Sassy Nature, Lightning Rod
Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Spark

5. Shura (F)

Level 33, Lonely Nature, Hyper Cutter
Crunch, Sand-Attack, Faint Attack, Sand Tomb

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