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No money, no event...

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by , 28th February 2013 at 02:19 AM (431 Views)
I was planning to go to the Pokemon fan event this Sunday.

But when I looked in my bank account, I became depressed.

I had used up my allowance.

I thought I had more than enough when I got my allowance back in January. I'm a rather stingy person, so I don't spend money on myself much. I calculated how much I should use when I meet a friend, how much I should spend on my sister's birthday present, how much I should spend on transportation fees...

...and I had completely forgotten to include the money needed to pay the dentist. I had two mandatory visits to the dentist because of my braces, and most of my money was spent there.

I guess it was my fault for forgetting the dentist...

My next allowance isn't due until after the semester starts, so I guess I should just let this event go. I was hoping for some Achroma fan-merchandises, but apparently, nobody cared about Team Plasma except N anyways. There was going to be a few people selling Steven Stone doujinshis (which I really really really really want), but again... no money. XDD

On the bright side... there's another fan event due near the end of March. There's a K fan event, which I am pretty excited about XDD So next month, I'm saving up for THAT.

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  1. Phoenixphlare's Avatar
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    Well at least event doesn't mean distribution right?
  2. Yato's Avatar
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    @Wyvernphlare; Ah, it's not a distribution event XDD It's a semi-private fan event where fans of pokemon sell their own products - their comics, novels, bags, decorations, bookmarks... you name it. So it's more like a mini-con.


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