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Naruto - The Road to Ninja

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I was looking through some magazines at the school library, and while I was reading the anime section, I saw an article that the Naruto Movie was released today. I quickly searched the net for theaters - and the closest theater featuring Naruto was an hour away from my school.

Fortunately, I had found it an hour and a half before the movie started, so I grabbed my things and set off.

I arrived at the theater on time to - guess what - BUY THE LAST TICKET. SERIOUSLY. LAST TICKET. I BOUGHT THE LAST TICKET XDD LUCKY!!

And then I settled myself in my seat and watched the movie.

So overall, I must say that I was satisfied with the movie. Kishimoto participating in the storyboard, character designs, and overall producing had been a huge plus. The movie reflected everything from the original manga, yet depicted in its own unique way. This is probably what you get when the original creator of the manga contributes to the movie.


. This has, by far, the best story ever. I was impressed. It had humor, tears, and heart-warming awwwwww moments.

. Flashy and cool, but there were some parts where it could've been much better with different fights - or even mere conversations could've been better

Original, yet did not stray from the manga. Kept character concept. Although there was one character I found disappointing towards the end

Voice Acting:
It was dubbed in my language, so I really can't say much - but at least they weren't too awkward. Above average. The story was good that the acting could be overlooked, imo.

The ending theme was good, but at one part the battle music was a bit... jarring? While it wasn't completely "off-topic", the scene could've been depicted much better with a different tone

43/50 = 86/100

Great. XDD

Spoiler Review

Strong points

Weak points

I'd still say it is one of the best Naruto movies ever made. And I'm really glad I saw it in the theater - worth all the money.

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