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My exams - and the blind date!!

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by , 23rd June 2012 at 07:35 AM (370 Views)
My exams were harder than ever - gosh, there had been so many materials to cover, and I think I had much less time to study, due to lab projects and presentations.

But what's done is done - the consequences are my responsibility XDD I'll take it like a man - err... queen!! XDD

As for the blind date...

We went to eat dinner, and got some iced coffee - and things had been good. Okay. We were getting friendly, and enjoying conversations.

Since it was the school festival week, we went to see a concert. The weather was getting chilly, so he lent me his jacket.

LOL - I was so sure this was going to turn out great!

But after the concert

he said he wanted his jacket back. So I gave it back.

AND he boarded the bus first and left. It was pretty late, and since we were going in the same direction, I did hope we'd walk together to the subway station at least...


I was clearly dumped.

But meh, I'm over it.

Got loads of 2D anime characters to love XDD (and Nelthy)

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
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    He just passed up on the best walk of his life. :P
  2. The Batman's Avatar
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    You deserve better.
  3. GatoRage's Avatar
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    He wanted the jacket back? o_o


    How ungentlemanly :I
    Milkapoke likes this.


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