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My Doujinshi Collections

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Some of them I plan to give away if possible, some I simply can't give away XDD

Here are my doujinshi collections, and some items as well :3 Note that these aren't ALL that I've got. Some of my other doujinshis are at my friend's house.

1. Pokemon

2. Transformers

3. K Project

I guess this is all for my collections - at least for now. The max cap for pictures made me delete a few, but they're all in my album, so you can visit my "Products" album to see some of the other doujinshis you might have missed.

There's another fan event this coming weekend - not sure if I'll attend it or not (maybe for a quick tour since it is a small event), but it's an even for the Point Guards of Kuroko no Basket. I might upload my collections of Kuroko no Basket doujinshis if I get the chance of participating in the event.

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