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Mewtwo Strikes Back - deleted tears, deleted truth

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by , 20th March 2012 at 04:02 AM (2185 Views)
When I was young, I went to the theaters to see the first pokemon movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back. Of course as a kiddy kid, I was so excited and thrilled. It was dubbed in my mother tongue, and naturally, I enjoyed the voices I heard from TV

The movie started with Mewtwo being born from the lab incubator and destroying the whole place. Giovanni takes him to Virdian Gym, and we get a glimpse of Gary getting pwned. Mewtwo was pretty scary from my view. And pretty violent.

Some years later, I got to watch it by DVD again. The dubbed movie was still awesome, and again I was pretty happy. Though, it left a lot of questions. Out of everything that could've resurrected stone'd Ash to life, why tears?

However.... I learned that there was a deleted scene - which was very important to the whole story. I searched everywhere to find a clip of the deleted scene, and I found it.

Turns out it was SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT. Not only did it provide the back story of the creation of Mewtwo, but it also held key factors for the main content.

It starts from a group of scientists trying to discover the wonders of Mew, and found a fossil of Mew's eyebrow or something. Dr. Fuji leads the group of scientists, and successfully clones baby Mewtwo. He also had a hologram of his daughter's mental energy, something like a living aura - probably a failed clone.


Sometime before Mewtwo was born, he had a telepathy conversation with some other cloned pokemons, and Dr. Fuji's cloned daughter, Ai-two. Ai shows Mewtwo a few nature stuff, and they have a little fun together. However, their mental energies were used up, and one by one, they disappeared.

When Ai-two is about to disappear, Mewtwo sheds tears. Maybe it's because he felt sad that he was going to be left alone. Maybe he felt that he might never see his first friends again. Whatever - he felt something, and Ai tells him that tears are what makes you alive (Something like that, I think)

THESE TEARS are the signature key factors. THESE were what make up the whole movie.

So after a long fight between the pokemons, Ash turns to stone trying to stop the fight, and every pokemon 'cries him to life'. And again, tears are what makes you alive

My questions have been solved, and I was glad that I saw the deleted scene. It's only 10 minutes - and yet there's everything in those 10 minutes. Mewtwo isn't violent anymore - the reasons for his destroying the lab is understandable.

I don't know why they deleted such an important scene when they dubbed it, though.

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  1. Baron Dante's Avatar
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    Huh. I recall the Finnish dub of the movie had the scene.

    But maybe it was deleted because a human kinda dies there? Well, as far as Ai-two is a human anyways. Or something along those lines.
  2. Lord Clowncrete's Avatar
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    I never knew this! And i concluded that the tears reviving him (miraculously) part was a fail from the writers!

    Thanks for sharing this, Destiny Queen!
  3. matt0044's Avatar
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    Though the scene answers the question, I still don't get how tears can actually bring someone back to life. If that's so, then murders and suicides could be easily undone. It just doesn't make sense altogether, even with this scene.

    Also, I have a fansubbed VHS of this movie that doesn't include this scene somehow.
  4. Te-em's Avatar
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    Aitwo says Pokemon cries when they're in physical pain and humans cry when they are sad. Maybe there are moments when Pokemon will cry because of feelings and those tears have some special powers. Yet, Mewtwo couldn't bring his friends back to life. I think it was what Satoshi did that made the Pokemon wish him a second chance, but I don't really know any explanation for it. Then, the energy that killed we don't know about either. Maybe he wasn't dead, maybe he was in some sort of coma or something.

    When I first watched this movie, I did not have the original either (yet I remember Mewtwo being created from Mew's eyebrow), but I knew Mewtwo wasn't really evil because the humans had treated him badly, so that's why he thought humans were bad.
  5. Aviator Zero's Avatar
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    I knew that The First Movie lost that very important scene when it was dubbed, and for some reason I never saw it. I will now. Good job on your speculation!
  6. UnovaCastaway's Avatar
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    They DID dub that scene in English. It's called "The Story of Mewtwo's Origin" and it's on the Mewtwo Returns DVD. it's gotta be on Youtube somewhere too.
  7. Joltik's Avatar
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    @Destiny Queen Just FYI your first Image is broke


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