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Kill la Kill

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by , 20th November 2013 at 12:52 AM (524 Views)
I happened to get to know a series called Kill la Kill (started watching it mostly because I heard there's someone who looks like Sycamore in the cast - but after watching episode 1, I ended up finding the series itself pretty interesting). There's fanservice everywhere - not only the girls are wearing a skimpy outfits when battling, but there are occasionally guys providing fan-service as well. In episode 6 (iirc), one of the antagonists even did a Mahou Shoujo Shounen Transformation (the generic 'getting-naked-before-wearing-super-powered-outfit' sequence). It was probably meant to be serious within the plot, but to me, it was hilarious! XD

Personally, they're doing a surprisingly nice job balancing the ecchi fanservice just enough to make it funny, and it's not a distraction much - the story plot is still interesting. I won't call it 'engaging' like I said in another post, but it is crazy in a good way :D

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