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Join Avenue XDD

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Now talk about a place with epic usefulness

Since I had traded with Mintaka, her avy appeared and opened a small shop at the Avenue.

LOLZ she's selling Fresh Water in packs!! Now I don't have to talk to the Vending Machine for all eternity.

I assume she'll sell other stuff when her shop levels up - since unlike Black1, money is easy to get in this game - so I'll buy loads and loads from her XDD

I had traded over GTS a few times and they appeared as well. Some opened a bar, some opened a salon. There was another guy who opened a dojo camp XDD

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  1. yourlilemogirl's Avatar
    I mostly get ppl who leave footprints on my mat in the DW. Something i've found out recently though is that sometimes, when you send them to a place they REALLY like, the clerk will recommend them to another store, and then they go there and so on and so forth until they're on a shopping spree x) i had one person visit almost every shop in my avenue in one go O:
  2. Kyriaki's Avatar
    @FrostyGaga; A MASTER BALL RAFFLE?!! Gee, I'd better trade through the GTS more often!! But I haven't got any rare pokemons that people would like ;_; Most of them want level 1 legendaries in exchange for a Mareep or a Pikachu... ;_; Oh, and I wanted to give your comment a like, but access denied ;_;
    @yourlilemogirl; Whoa, is that even possible? A shopping spree? XDD Hmm, gotta get used to the DW as well!! XDD

    Thanks to both of you for the great info!
  3. Herbizarre's Avatar
    If you level up her shop, she will not only sell Fresh Water by packs, but also Moo Moo Milk ! And it's reliably cheaper to get them over there =p

    At one point, I managed to get Clay to come at the Join Avenue ! I guided him to the right shop, and 1000 points were added to both the shop and the Avenue ! I don't know how to trigger his arrival, or if there will be more Unovan Gym Leaders in there x)
  4. Kyriaki's Avatar


    DA GYM LEADER?!!?!??!


  5. Herbizarre's Avatar
    I think having a high-level Join Avenue helps in bringing Gym Leaders, but I don't know what exactly triggers their appearences. And yes, Clay da gym leader =p


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