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Join Avenue XDD

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by , 13th November 2012 at 02:04 AM (1378 Views)
Now talk about a place with epic usefulness

Since I had traded with Mintaka, her avy appeared and opened a small shop at the Avenue.

LOLZ she's selling Fresh Water in packs!! Now I don't have to talk to the Vending Machine for all eternity.

I assume she'll sell other stuff when her shop levels up - since unlike Black1, money is easy to get in this game - so I'll buy loads and loads from her XDD

I had traded over GTS a few times and they appeared as well. Some opened a bar, some opened a salon. There was another guy who opened a dojo camp XDD

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  1. yourlilemogirl's Avatar
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    I mostly get ppl who leave footprints on my mat in the DW. Something i've found out recently though is that sometimes, when you send them to a place they REALLY like, the clerk will recommend them to another store, and then they go there and so on and so forth until they're on a shopping spree x) i had one person visit almost every shop in my avenue in one go O:
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  2. Yato's Avatar
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    @FrostyGaga; A MASTER BALL RAFFLE?!! Gee, I'd better trade through the GTS more often!! But I haven't got any rare pokemons that people would like ;_; Most of them want level 1 legendaries in exchange for a Mareep or a Pikachu... ;_; Oh, and I wanted to give your comment a like, but access denied ;_;
    @yourlilemogirl; Whoa, is that even possible? A shopping spree? XDD Hmm, gotta get used to the DW as well!! XDD

    Thanks to both of you for the great info!
  3. Herbizarre's Avatar
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    If you level up her shop, she will not only sell Fresh Water by packs, but also Moo Moo Milk ! And it's reliably cheaper to get them over there =p

    At one point, I managed to get Clay to come at the Join Avenue ! I guided him to the right shop, and 1000 points were added to both the shop and the Avenue ! I don't know how to trigger his arrival, or if there will be more Unovan Gym Leaders in there x)
  4. Yato's Avatar
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    DA GYM LEADER?!!?!??!


  5. Herbizarre's Avatar
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    I think having a high-level Join Avenue helps in bringing Gym Leaders, but I don't know what exactly triggers their appearences. And yes, Clay da gym leader =p


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