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I'm playing an old game

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by , 6th January 2012 at 08:21 AM (275 Views)
I was taking a break from the level grinding in Soulsilver and Black version. I wanted to do something other than level grinding, so I fished out an old game.

It's something called Girl's Style. You own and manage a clothing store. You even enter fashion contests and win prizes. As your store manager, you have to go shopping for clothes, coordinate, set up manequins, give the customers advice by recommending what they want. If the choice is right, then they even buy more stuff by expanding their budget... XDD

In real life, I'm not a fan of shopping. In fact, I HATE shopping for clothes cuz I dislike walking around the mall/department store/outlet/whatever for hours - just to find what I want. I usually end up buying nothing - and my mom doesn't approve, cuz she thinks I should be able to buy my own clothes by now. She's always telling me that I need to be able to buy clothes according to appearance in the right way - all just because I'm a girl. IMO, I don't need any of those - I prefer comfortable clothing and there, I'm happy XDD So, my fashion sense is near zero... XDD

But anyways, maybe I do have some girly spirit inside me. That fashion game is really fun and addicting. Dressing up a manequin and setting them on display became a hobby, and I'm thrilled whenever someone walks in and says they'll buy the whole stuff LOLZ!! Giving discounts is also fun cuz the customer asks to dress them from head to toe and it's really interesting to pick out the right clothes from the store.

Maybe I should try enjoying shopping more in real life? XDD

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    Just make sure you don't look awkward in real life ._."


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