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...I'm doomed XDD

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My emerald save file got corrupted.


And just when I FINALLY got the Silver Symbol for Battle Dome and Battle Palace ;_;

That Palace was friggin hard - I mean, wut, your pokemons have to fight for you.

Good thing my Gardevoir wasn't stupid... at least it knew how to use Calm Mind before using Psychic.

I achieved a 70 streak win in the doubles corner in Battle Factory - super luck did the trick, but I noticed that the more you win, the better pokemon they give you for rentals. They even let me choose a Zapdos from the start lol.

So 4 Frontier Symbols - 3 silver (dome, palace, pike), and 1 gold (factory)...

Damn, I only needed three more symbols for my Frontier Pass to be complete ;_; Last time I challenged the Battle Arena I got pwned by the brain... I lost to Pyramid King Brandon 5 times that I got so mad at him and the Regis. I haven't even challenged the Tower properly because I was too busy giving the advice to the apprentice NPC.... XDD;;

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  1. Sunburn's Avatar
    Aww! :( That's too bad, I'm sorry. I don't think mine has been corrupted yet, but I haven't played it in a while... I never really challenged the Palace, it seemed a bit awkward :P


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