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Cheren and Colress in my dub language

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I caught a rerun of Episode N in my dub and Cheren was on screen. Colress appeared in the next.

Cheren sounds fine. Perfectly okay. It sounded as if they chose the exact same VA as they did for the PV a year ago or so. A polite young male, unsure about his abilities. Nice choice for the VA.

Ash and his friends were all calling Cheren as "Teacher Cheren", or "Mr. Cheren" (same as calling him "Cheren Sensei" in the Japanese original). Better than "Big brother Cheren", I guess.

As for Colress... he sounded as if he had a bad cold. His voice was strained, and it would've been better if he blown his nose or something. Kidding, I've heard that VA a lot of times in other works, and he's pretty famous for that 'strained' voice. But he wasn't really fit for Colress ;_; Well, he DID sound sly enough, but he lacked the polite tone and pure curiosity in his voice. He was more, like, being completely evil inside and out.

Mind, his PV voice had a completely different VA, and he spoke as if he was narrating a documentary back then, so at least he sounded professional compared to what I heard recently...

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  1. 97SaturnSL1's Avatar
    Cherens US dub voice was to me a combonation of Death the Kid with an old power sander, and a 1980s GM car starter in a constant boring and nerve scraping monotone voice. I like Cherens voice actor but not the job he did with cheren. needs less monotone and more emotion in my thoughts . scolding pikachu and axew in the same tone as greeting everybody isnt impressive to me...


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