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Ash and Raichu

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by , 1st August 2013 at 12:09 AM (897 Views)
Picture: Ash and Raichu from the Summer School 4-parter in DP

Sometimes, I imagine how awesome it might be if Ash has a Raichu on his team - by evolving his Pikachu. He already lost the Thunderstone in DP anyways, but let's say he still has a chance to evolve Pika.

If he can... then I wish he would. Even by looking at the picture above, Raichu doesn't look weird with Ash at all. While Lt. Surge's Raichu had suffered the drawbacks of having evolved too early, Pika has enough experience if we count all 15 years and thus, he'd practically be a beast if he evolves. There's also the advantage of gaining access to the privileged moves only final stages can learn (like Hyper Beam). So there's no real disadvantages (if we exclude marketing reasons).
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  1. L.L.'s Avatar
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    Except that Ash "gets rid of" Pikachu after every region and gets a new one from Viridian. That's why it's always so weak early on despite earlier events.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
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    No Hyper Beam. Having that overused move is more of a blight on that Pokemon, than an advantage

    And L.L., I know you're joking, but that wouldn't make sense. Ash and Pikachu have a ridiculously close bond and Pikachu knows a shitton of moves. Obviously he releases Pikachu and breaks out one of the clones. Said clone has memories planted in them. Think The Venture Bros.


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