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About the CoroCoro Leaks

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1. Since there are 3 to 4 female commanders for Team Flare, it seems that there may be a female boss for us!
Though, I don't mind even if it's a male boss, cuz he's got his harem!!

what if the boss is Prof Sycamore and the commanders are his assistant scientists omg

2. Ninja Frog - YAY!! I love the bubbly scarf, and the design being so sleek and shiny! (not as in different colored shiny... you get my point anyways). Hoping for Water/Fighting or Water/Dark!

3. So Mewtwo has two Megaforms? I like his X-form. Idk, could be that his tail isn't on his head. Tbh, I haven't really warmed up that much to Y-form Mewtwo, but anyways it seems like I'll be getting X.

4. The kitties <3 I usually prefer offensive styles when it comes to battling, but I like the male design much better! Maybe I should try using supportive strategies this time.


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  1. Hurricane Kishore's Avatar
    -The Boss look like one of those Villain who has his own harem

    -Disappointed in froakie's evolution !
    I thought it really going to have a cool evolution .

    -Mega Mewtwo X isn't cool .

    -Both of this Kitty's are Marketable So I hope Ash will catch one while he met a bitchy female who already has the another one .

    -That T-rex pokemon will definitely be caught by Ash .


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