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GD's SSB4 Character List

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@Neosquid; has motivated me to create my own list of characters who are more likely to appear in SSB4. Like his list, it'll be realistic, and the following characters will be listed based on my 4-year-analysis from the past three games' rosters. The characters will be listed from 1 as most likely to 10 as less likely.

1. [SPOILER]Pac-Man


Namco was confirmed to develop the next Smash Bros. games for the Wii U and 3DS, and whenever a popular third-party company is in development with a first-party title (or another third-party title), they add one of their properties as a cameo appearance. This only is the reason why Mega Man may never get a chance to appear, as well as Capcom's current treatment of him. Pac-Man has been known to be one of the grandfathers of video game industry, so imagining him fighting Mario and Sonic would be every retro gamer's wet dream. They'll probably use the design that will win that contest Namco placed on their Facebook account.[/SPOILER]

2. [SPOILER]Little Mac


This tiny-sized boxer is slowly climbing his way to the top. He appeared as an assist trophy in Brawl, then he made a cameo appearance in the Japan-only game "Captain Rainbow," and finally his series got a reboot for the Wii. Although a characters needs to have the ability to kick in Smash, but since other fighting games have their own boxer characters (i.e. Balrog from Street Fighter), they could have him use lower jabs to replace his kicks. If Punch Out!! were to get a second rep, they may either use Doc Louis, Glass Joe, Bald Bull, or Mr. Sandman.[/SPOILER]

3. [SPOILER]Shulk


Sakurai has commented that Nintendo hasn't made any new characters from AAA titles since Captain Olimar, thus limiting his character choices. His wish has came true with the existence of the critically acclaimed RPG "Xenoblade Chronicles." One thing I hope Sakurai doesn't do is going overboard on adding sword users in the roster (sorry guys, Samurai Goroh and Magnus may have to wait a little longer).[/SPOILER]

4. [SPOILER]Ridley


His appearance is long overdue. He first appeared in Smash as a background character in the Metroid stage, then he appeared in Melee's intro and in trophy form, and finally made an appearance as a boss in Brawl's Adventure Mode. Sakurai has explained how difficult it was to create Ridley as a playable character even with his team's best efforts, which sorta hinted that it's his size that's the problem, it's his play style. His appearance alone would make him look like a game breaker unless Sakurai found a way to balance him. Hopefully, Namco has found that way too to meet fan demands of the evil space dragon.[/SPOILER]

5. [SPOILER]Palutena


The series is in need for more female fighters. Since Sakurai developed "Kid Icarus Uprising," that means he has found ways to give the franchise a second rep. Of course, Palutena has the better chance since she's been here since the very beginning. While the same can be said about Medusa, she's technically not a video game character, for she's the same character from Greek Mythology. Palutena, Little Mac, and Ridley are one of the last key-important Nintendo characters from the golden age of gaming (a.k.a. the NES era).[/SPOILER]

6. [SPOILER]Ghirahim


Sure he's a one-time villain, which is why I developed this theory: A one-time Zelda character will only have the chance to appear in SSB if he or she was from a recent game. Since Skyward Sword is the latest Zelda title, followed by his massive fandom, Ghirahim has an even better chance than Midna (Sakurai may have not been aware of her true potential during his early development in Brawl) and Skull Kid (unless a remake of Majora's Mask were to happen).[/SPOILER]

7. [SPOILER]Toad


Toad is the last of the 8 key important Mario characters who has yet to appear as a playable character. Sakurai has hinted that old characters will be receiving new moves, which means Peach could get a new standard B move, thus giving Toad a chance to shine. He could have a pretty interesting moveset related to spore effects. If you're one of the players who want to use Toad as a punching bag after getting sick of him telling you that your princess is in another castle, now's your chance.[/SPOILER]



Sakurai has hinted that the 3DS version will include a customizable character which will be transferrable to the Wii U version. Our Miis fits the bill to this feature, as they're used as our avatars. One thing that could be awesome about it is that if we were able to choose which of our Mii to be used in the game, it means we'll be able to use Mii versions of characters we wish to see in Smash but never made it. That's right, now we can use our Batman and Naruto Miis to beat up Nintendo characters without actually having them for real.[/SPOILER]

9. [SPOILER]Iris


I have already made a blog explaining my reasons why Iris has a higher chance at appearing in the game than the more popular female trainers such as Misty and May. She's around the same age as Brawl's Pokemon Trainer, she was given an important role in BW2, she is the current female lead in the anime (thus automatically disqualifying previous female leads to make it), and she has a potential play style to differentiate herself from Red by fighting alongside of her Pokemon (preferably Axew) due to her wild girl personality from her anime incarnation. That is why I despise her in general and why I will use her as Ghirahim's punching bag.[/SPOILER]

10. [SPOILER]Non-Specific Action Figure


Ever since his appearance in Nintendo's Pre-E3 conference, he's received positive receptions from fans everywhere for his award-winning performance. Even Iwata knew he did a excellent job than Miyamoto and Reggie. While the premise of the Smash Bros. series is based around trophies, N-SAF is, well, an action figure, which is a tier higher than a mere trophy. He could be given a role as an ancient hero waiting to be awaken in SSB4's Adventure Mode.[/SPOILER]

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  1. Gaga's Avatar
    I googled that Pacman contest and I really hope this wins:

    Miis could be really cool if we're allowed to customize their moves (even just a bit :P) as well.
  2. Garren's Avatar
    1. Yes, Pac-Man is on my list as well. It'd be very nice to see him in. I hope Mega Man gets in as well, because I'd love to see an actual Mega Man vs. Pac-Man fight after the Street Fighter x Tekken bait-and-switch they pulled.

    2. Yes, Little Mac is a shoo-in (we have plenty of Smash characters who don't kick though, I don't know why you brought that up, Pikachu doesn't nor does Marth) especially since he got a new game recently. I think that King Hippo would be the 2nd Rep, since he's the most popular rival fighter.

    3. Yes, Shulk has to get in...if only because we need Xenoblade Stages/Music in as well. And, incidentally, my adding of Shulk was partially why I removed Goroh, Ghirahim, and mainly Isaac from my list.

    4. You saw my blog on Ridley. Yes.

    5. I still don't get your reasoning as to why Medusa isn't a video-game character (it's not like Medusa the mythological figure is copyrighted), but Palutena would be an acceptable alternative since either way, it's an important female Nintendo character. I'd say Medusa is more important than Palutena though in terms of the old-school, since in the original game Palutena wasn't seen till the end while Medusa was an actual enemy you battled. I still think Nintendo's only main female villain should get in over another "Princess", for all intents and purposes.

    6. I had Ghirahim on my list, but I took him off. Why? Well, he's still an awesome dude, and I'd love to see him in, but I put Tingle over him because the latter has a cult-following in Japan and it'd be cute. My Tingle is of course Tingle Series, not Zelda, but still I didn't want to overload on technical Zelda characters. Also too many sword users.

    7. Eh...Toad? I think Waluigi and Bowser Jr. have more of a chance, but even then I think it's low. Toad hasn't done anything interesting since Mario 2.

    8. Nah. I think Mii would be interesting, but I'd rather have a more "solid" Nintendo character over one who is simply the player's customizable avatar (more so than Pokemon Trainer).

    9. Well, you know, I love Anime! Iris, but I don't quite see her getting in. Also, I dunno, beating up on an actual Pokemon trainer, especially a little girl, just doesn't seem like it'd fit. I know we fight Ness, Lucas, and Toon Link, and Peach too, but they actually have shown means to directly defend themselves and have directly fought in past games.

    10. It's a fun idea (and I wonder if the action figure was actually made by Nintendo, or if it's some weird actual toy), but I think people would be upset seeing him take the place of an actual Nintendo character. A cameo would be nice.
  3. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Surprisingly good blog. I agree with most of these besides the last three. While mii's and NSAF could sorta work, I don't think they'd actually get in. Iris is a definite no.

    Also, where did you read that Sakurai said he was gonna give new special moves to old characters? I hadn't heard that yet, and it seems pretty cool.

    @Quattro ~ Bajeena; No I'd also say Toad has more chance. Toad is the one missing character to complete the Mario Kart 64 roster for instance, and present in virtually every Mario game.
  4. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    @Mijzelffan; It from [url=]here[/url], but I've misread it as what Sakurai really meant was "new skills for new characters" rather than old characters.

    Why is everyone doubting Miis to be playable despite Sakurai hinting that we will have customizable characters? They fit perfect for that role, or has no one ever payed attention to that info.

    The fact that everyone's saying Iris won't make it is why I can't trust anyone and why I feel like everyone hates me, because I've done all of my research that Iris has the higher to be in the game than any other new Pokemon rep, including the female trainer. All I ever want is to create a Smash roster that fits Sakurai's mindset and more logical than any other roster I've seen from various comments (with the use of mathematics).
  5. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Just because people disagree with you, does not mean they hate you. You are taking this way too personally to the levels of obsession and that is not healthy for you.

    You think people agree with my opinions and ideas 24/7? No. Do I let it get to me and become depressed over it? Hell no. I move on. There are more important things to deal with than worrying about pleasing others. Hell! I can say Princess Daisy is the most likely character to be introduced, and there will be plenty of people claiming otherwise. Doesn't mean I think my idea is poor, though, or that I should worry what people think. Screw 'em.

    Also! People who put in more time have ideas and opinions no better than someone who is new.
  6. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    I agree with them all, but one question; what about a new FE character? :(
  7. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    @TheCapsFan; There's Krom, or Miciah.
  8. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghetsis-Dennis
    @TheCapsFan; There's Krom, or Miciah.
    Well, if you say that they need more female fighters, Micaicah would work. And is that the main protagonist in the new game?
  9. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    @TheCapsFan; Yep, Krom is the new FE protagonist.
  10. Neosquid's Avatar
    While I don't agree with the list aside from Ghirahim and Shulk, and maybe Ridley, I can say that all of them save Iris have a fair chance of getting in.
  11. Garren's Avatar
    Krom's whole story is that he's pretty much a new Marth (same sword, implied to be the future prince of Marth's kingdom, etc.), so I don't see him getting in unless people seriously want a new Marth clone. My idea for him was that in the Wii U version he'd have his own stage, though, with him appearing in the background fighting, and he'd be an Assist Trophy in the 3DS version.

    All I ever want is to create a Smash roster that fits Sakurai's mindset and more logical than any other roster I've seen from various comments (with the use of mathematics).
    But...where have you used mathematics? :0
    It's not mathematics I'm using to argue against you, it's just that it doesn't seem likely we'll be allowed to beat up a defenseless 10-year old girl in a Nintendo game.

    I like you GD, I really do, you're blogs are fun and I love speculating about Smash 4 with you, but sometimes...sometimes I dunno. It just seems like you're playing an elaborate character, since often your reasonings directly contradict what you then say. Like, with Little Mac, you say this thing about "Smash characters need to kick", but that's obviously not true and an easy rule to find the exception to in "4-years of research). I admit I was wrong about Pikachu but these characters don't kick:
    * Marth
    * Ice Climbers
    * Game and Watch
    * Pichu

    I just can't take your notion of deep research seriously. It's a good list, but you don't have to say things like that. These lists are just for fun, I don't spend hours calculating formulas when thinking of Smash shit, I just think about what I'd like to see, and what's something other Nintendo fans would respond well to, and share my ideas.
  12. Windfall's Avatar
    No love for Isaac from the Golden Sun games?
  13. Mako's Avatar
    Palutena is actually based upon Athena (her name is a corruption of "Pallas Athena"), so logically she should be as ineligible as Medusa (there are enough differences between KI's Medusa and classical Medusa to reasonably seperate them). You want a purely original KI female for a fighter? Go with Phosphora.
  14. Faerie's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Avarus Cantus;bt265615]No love for Isaac from the Golden Sun games?[/QUOTE]

    I love Isaac! Lots of love towards him. XD