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Complex Words

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By complex words, I mean something like this:


I always have this assumption that in order to write a good essay for your English class and make a good speech, you have to avoid using simple words and start using complex phrases that have the same meaning (or just use Shakspearian language). Another assumption in my head is that using complex words will make you sound/look smarter and be well-appreciated by others (I remember there was a system used by Google that determines the IQ of the website based on the words they used to form a sentence, and one of the sites I've joined once had one of the lowest IQs). This is why I couldn't stand the dubbed dialogue of the Pokemon anime due to its lack of complex words, idioms, and metaphors used in other dubbed animes. But is it even worth it to use complex words in an era where everyone isn't as smart as they use to be back in the day?

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  1. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    You should only use them if you understand their meaning.
  2. Narcisse's Avatar
    I agree with Lavender Frost. Also, it's an insane generalisation to say that ''everyone isn't as smart as they use(d) to be back in the day.''

    Finally, don't use Shakespearian language in an essay in 2012 unless it's a critical response on a Shakespeare piece. Shakespearian English is invalid in the current era - it wouldn't make you look intelligent or well read, it would make you look bizarre.

    As with many things in life, less is more. Intelligence should not be measured by someones vocabulary or command over their mother tongue. It is a sign of intelligence, not the sign of intelligence.
  3. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    Prose is a very intricate art. The three main things I try to do are use the terms that fit together to make a concept that most accurately conveys my point, avoiding repetition, and avoiding awkward phrasing (such as the dreaded "had had").

    And also, is the Joseph Ducreaux rap "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"?
  4. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
    @JaggedRag; Blame the internet people on 4chan and youtube who keeping saying that people are getting dumber every year.
    @Jack Pschitt; Yes it's that song.
  5. 捷克羅姆's Avatar
    It's best to use them in an appropriate situation. I would find it strange if something that was aimed for children would have complex dialogues that only those older than high school students would understand. Honestly, I would even laugh if Ash would use the word "contemplate" in a sentence correctly. Besides, you have the cities and towns in Unova which all have very interesting origins. I mean, would you have figured out what Aspertia meant without looking it up?

    (On an unrelated note, the guy in the poster sounds like he owns a magnet from the Far East)
  6. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghetsis-Dennis
    Yes it's that song.
  7. Narcisse's Avatar
    Ok man. Don't believe everything you see or hear on the internet.
  8. Iteru's Avatar
    You tailor speeches to your audience('s knowledge). If someone doesn't know the subject you're speaking about well, you don't complicate the words you use. It's just common sense.
  9. H-con's Avatar
    You shouldn't use complex words to say something that could just be said using a very simple sentence. By far, making it simple and easy to understand is more intelligent than loading whatever you're writing or saying with words to hide any lack of understanding beneath it.

    Also, I'm disappointed with the lack of complex numbers in this blog.
  10. Pain Split's Avatar
    When someone says that I use too many big words (which I don't) I always say something along the lines of: "Am I at fault for your comprehension of advanced terminology being inadequate? No, so shuddup."
  11. 捷克羅姆's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by H-con
    Also, I'm disappointed with the lack of complex numbers in this blog.
    (1 + 3i) x (5 + 9i) = -22 + 24i <-- Here's a multiplication of two. Are you satisfied now?
  12. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Only use complex words if it somehow better expresses what you're trying to say. Otherwise trying to stay simple is the best in most cases, even in essays.