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Too much, Just to much.

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I just have far to much on my plate at the moment :(

School is just becoming a pain in the ass. I have like a test everyday and a new fucking project every week.
For fucks suck. and then with seven different subjects it just gets a little much.

Today is the first day I've really just been able to relax for the past like two weeks
And for the past week I've been coming home at like 8 from school thanks to filming a movie (Drama project)
and then I just like pass out after I eat and shower.

But that HOPEFULLY everything should be calming the fuck down next week. Shit.

So Its the month of my birth! WHOO I get a Togekiss and getting drunk! :D

So In other news where I'm not complaining or talking about partying/or getting smashed

I got an A on my Art test.
Passed my math test (Even though I only did 3 how like 12 questions)
and my new art project is looking FAN-FREAKING-TASTICAL!

And it's my birthday. 23rd. Of March, YUS

I only want a few things;
New Silver across
Italian Leather Jacket
and money

and I'm getting my brothers Awesome birthday/christmas box in like a week or twoo :D

I dont think it two much to ask for,


I dont eat store bought anymore. It just bothers me. So now my father makes me a bread :) YAY

So yea.


OH and I hate people. Besides Russians. They're sexy. and so are they're accents.

So that;s gonna be my new life.
I'm go with a friend capture a few Russians
Become Immortal
live in beautiful caves
and Hibernate

Sounds like the life to me.

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  1. Momoka's Avatar
    God, that's how I feel about school right now.
  2. Kagerou's Avatar
    I herd u liek Russianz?


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