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New Pokemon Movie.

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So I watched it last night thanks to my favourite anime website ♥ and here’s what I thought!

Ash & Co. stumble into an adventure of mass portion? Check.
Battle Competition of sorts? Check.
Adorable Little Mythic Creature? Check.
Deluded Villain? Check.
Cool battle action? Check
Bad ass dragons? Check.
Little Creature gets pissed and unleashes immeasurable power? Check.
Near Death Experience? Check.
Ash Crys? Check.
Revelation and everyone live happily ever after? Check

So all in all this was a pretty good movie in my opinion.
I liked the over all tone.
The Landscape and Scenery was GORGEOUS!
Battles were decent. (when they happened)
Golurk looked like a total boss when it was in fly mode! :D
Dragons were sick!
Victini was cute as hell (Omg those little ass wings were adorable!)

All in all good :D Not the best, but also not the worst.

AND Reshirams telepathic voice was AMAZING! so velvety and smooth :3 He needs to come read me bed time stories and sing me lullabies!!!

Here all some Issues I had though…

Definitely not enough battling!
In the battle competition why the hell wasn’t Ash disqualified?! I think Victini turning his Pokemon into energiser bunnies should count as an interference of some sort!
At the beginning Iris’ “Such a Kid”’s got a little extreme (but after about the 5th I threatened her with a bitch slap and surprisingly she shut the hell up with them :D)
What the hell is up with Damons hair!? NO, JUST NO, you can not pull off that half salt half pepper look unless your name is Cruella!

Random things I noticed.
Iris has some thick ass hair!
Ash has really nice shoes!
Ash has some serious balls! (like if I were confronted by this big’ol black dragon id probably drop a deuce in my pants right there and then!)
Cilan seriously needs some new cloths

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  1. Pepsi Perfect's Avatar
    Might I ask what this anime website was?
  2. Cosmos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lumos or Nox
    Might I ask what this anime website was?
    it was Watchcartoononline.


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