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New Movie.

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So I finally watched the Keldeo and Kyurem movie (Pokemon 15)

And am I the only one that was really disappointed?
Like whaaaaattttt.

The story line wasn't all that exciting to be honest, I mean really Keldeo bitching and whinny about how he wants to be a sword of Justice the whole time.

Kyurem was way to damn nice. Like NO. He is a hardcore alien dragon creature. He is not gonna be like a freaking goat trainer. Like WWWWHHHHAAATTT IS THIS NONSENSE.
They could have done SO much with Kyurem, and so much that could have been abortively epic and that's what they chose to do? Really come the hell on now.
And then the Justice Trio was also just kinda bllllaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. It's the same thing I said about Kyurem... So much could have been done with the Justice Trio and they just fucked it all up.

There was NO Team Rocket. This is pretty much just blasphemy on it's own.

Secondly the whole damn thing took place in like two, three places tops. Pokemon Co. WHAT IS GOING ON?!
On top of that it was like and hour. Why the hell was it so short?

I have always loved the Pokemon movies because of their quality and just that they were always good, had epic story lines and I've loved every single on.
Until now.
This is the first Pokemon Movie I wasn't a fan of and was really disappointed in.
In my opinion they really just half-assed this whole movie.

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  1. Eitarou's Avatar
    Team Rockets were in the movies, only as non-speaking cameos.
  2. Koopa Jr's Avatar
    I really liked how simple the plot was. It was much better than those fate of the world movies IMO.
  3. Niji's Avatar


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