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  1. Bandwagon? Why the hell not.

    Because of I have nothing else to do but answer meaningless questions about my life that no one cares about ♥

    Is this the best year of your life?
    Lol NO.

    What was the first thing you did when you woke up?
    Took a piss. It was a good one too.

    The person you like is?
    My gurlfrann.

    Is anything bothering you?
    Yea, nothing happening yesterday on the supposed end of the world which was a let down.

    Does ...
  2. New Movie.

    So I finally watched the Keldeo and Kyurem movie (Pokemon 15)

    And am I the only one that was really disappointed?
    Like whaaaaattttt.

    The story line wasn't all that exciting to be honest, I mean really Keldeo bitching and whinny about how he wants to be a sword of Justice the whole time.

    Kyurem was way to damn nice. Like NO. He is a hardcore alien dragon creature. He is not gonna be like a freaking goat trainer. Like WWWWHHHHAAATTT ...
  3. Help.

    Ok so I don't know what the EF is going on!
    It like refuses to let me mention people.

    Did it like change?
    Maybe i Forgot... Idk...

    Could someone please just let me know?
  4. I'M BACK! I think...

    So I've been absent from these amazing forums for a few months due to life -_-

    So to all the newer people "HELLO! NICE TO MEET YOU!"

    So I should be back on fairly regularly now again
    only thing that might stop me are my exams

    Things I did in my absence:

    A lot of Nothing
    Got a tattoo
    Decided I'm gonna au pair in Germany after school
    Got into eating red peppers ...
  5. Addictions

    SO nothing new has really happened.
    I finished my art thing,
    school is slowing down

    and yesterday i took part in a little extra-curricular activity (which I'm not going to mention by name cause I dont know if I'm aloud since it's kinda sorta not legal..) but yea this time it was terrible, and I'm not going to be doing it anytime soon again... Like for quite sometime.


    So I was skyping with my girlfriend/not girlfriend/it's complicated/bestfriend ...
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