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Sad but true

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I just realized something. If it wasn't for @Caprizant;'s Planetary Pit Stop, then I might not be on the forums anymore. I was starting to realize that I was losing interest in the main forums and stuff, and now I don't post outside of F&G anymore. Hell, I hardly post in F&G, just an occasional post in LPW or TG.

Sad blog is sad. So have some Metallica.


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  1. Caprizant's Avatar
    That's about all I do as well. Just the Pit Stop and some occasional threads. Mostly just Last Poster Wins, the music thread, and my fic in the Writer's Workshop. But hell, I still enjoy being here. :P
  2. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
    I like to think I get around, but I don't do a whole lot of Pokemon-related things. ._.
  3. Sunburn's Avatar
    It's nice to be here, even though I haven't done many Pokemon-related things over the past several months :P I enjoy the company of people and all that, it's a very friendly community. Hopefully my interest will rise when BW2 is released, but idk.


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