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by , 9th December 2012 at 02:02 PM (191 Views)
So, today was the most interesting day of my three-day swim meet, most definitely. It was also my best day swimwise, as I dropped several seconds in my 100 back and a couple tenths in my 100 free.

The meet was so screwed up. First things first, about fourty-five minutes into the meet, the timing system started screwing up in the girls pool. They had to replace every touchpad with a new one, restart the system, and test it before they could continue the meet. It took so long that the girls in line for their races were invited to warm-up during the wait. Not to mention that the board was messed up because of the thing with the girls' timing system.

After almost an hour of waiting, the girls finally started. (The guys didn't have a problem, we kept continuing the meet in our pool) Then, in the middle of one of the races, one of the girls stopped on the lane line. It looked like she wasn't moving at all. The lifeguard had to jump in and, well, save her. I heard that she's fine, she just had an asthma attack during the race somehow.

So, quite an interesting day today. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: right before my 100 back this random guy came up to our area with some cart and started yelling and shit. "GET THESE FUCKING BAGS OUTTA MY WAY, I'VE TOLD YOU ALREADY TEN FUCKING TIMES."

Cappy out.

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  1. Aetheria's Avatar
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    ...Well, certainly sounded like an interesting meet. XD
  2. TheCapsFan's Avatar
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    It was, very interesting. :3


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