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Last Day of School + other ramblings

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Welp, I figured, hey, my parents are gone and this blog needs activity. So here I am.

Yesterday was the last day of eighth grade, and I'm heading on to high school next year. I'm not nervous this time around, thank god. I'm going to miss middle school, mostly because of the atmosphere that comes with being a tween. ;_; and it turns out that I'm pretty popular; my entire yearbook was filled with signatures. A couple people wrote very long notes; Meghan wrote half a page, Destiny wrote a page, Whitney wrote on the back of the yearbook, and Tehya, Ansh, Aakash, and Alesia took up an entire page all together.

Anyway, summer is great and all, but with summer comes 5:30-in-the-morning swim practices, and with those come extreme pain. I woke up this morning, thinking that the practice was cancelled due to rain, but NOOOOOOOO, the coach just HAD to make us swim in about 70º water at 6 in the morning. He said that moving would make us warmer, but then I realized we wouldn't get warm until the sun came up, and that wouldn't happen because it was raining. -__-

In happier news, my birthday is in exactly a week, and my Bulbaversary comes about 10 days after that, so look for some blogs about those two things in the future (and a special mention thing too :D)

Anyway, if you're still reading this, i'll end this blog with a video.

Stay classy everyone. Cappy out.

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  1. CrackFox's Avatar
    Congrats on completing 8th grade! Now it's time to party hard.

    Stay classy everyone.
    Of course.
  2. Dan's Avatar
    Congrats on completing middle school! high school is what you make of it, be open to new experiences, new friends and know that your grades are a reflection of the work you do.
  3. Pokemoll's Avatar
    Congrats on finishing middle school, DJ, *hug* :3 And woah, your birthday is creeping up on me, I need to prepare ... >w>
  4. Zexy's Avatar
    Congrats! Don't worry, high school can be cooler, you will find out sooner or later.
  5. Bill Cipher's Avatar
    be sure to mention me
  6. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    Thanks guys for all your support :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Channel 42
    be sure to mention me
    Don't worry, I got ya. :I
  7. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CrackFox
    Now it's time to party hard.
    Doing that tonight. ;D
  8. GreatLiver's Avatar
    Swimming in the cold water'll help with your breathing and lung capacity, embrace it.


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