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The Vortex

In the constellation of Cygnus
There lurks a mysterious, invisible force
The Black Hole
Of Cygnus X-1

Six Stars of the Northern Cross
In mourning for their sister's loss
In a final flash of glory
Nevermore to grace the night...

  1. *kicks his blog*

    Damn, this thing is inactive.

    AAAAAAANyway, I'm here for a bandwagon. I'm supposed to bold the ones that refer to me.


    I have/had piercings besides the ears.
    I want piercings besides the ears.
    I have a scar.
    I tan easily.
    I wish my hair was a different colour. (BLONDE FTW)
    I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color. (because it turns so blonde in the summer it's not even funny)
    I have/want ...
  2. Birthday

    Welp, today's my birthday. Not doing anything much, just going to see Man of Steel with a couple of bros.

    Thanks for all of your wishes, helping this to become a great day! :D
  3. ATTENTION to all that play Minecraft

    Does anyone watch the Mindcrack guys? They're pretty awesome.
  4. Last Day of School + other ramblings

    Welp, I figured, hey, my parents are gone and this blog needs activity. So here I am.

    Yesterday was the last day of eighth grade, and I'm heading on to high school next year. I'm not nervous this time around, thank god. I'm going to miss middle school, mostly because of the atmosphere that comes with being a tween. ;_; and it turns out that I'm pretty popular; my entire yearbook was filled with signatures. A couple people wrote very long notes; Meghan wrote half a page, Destiny ...
  5. my life is complete


    holY SH!T if those rumors are true, my life is sAVED


    maybe they saw my tumblr post
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