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Waiting is really boring...

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by , 9th June 2012 at 11:13 AM (197 Views)
I've been on holiday for the last week, and I'm coming back today, but I arrived at the airport and found out the flight was delayed for over 4 hours (I think the plane was broken, or something, and they had to fly in a new one for somewhere else). So I've got to sit here for ages, waiting. And I have to pay for Wi-Fi access. And I'll end up not getting back till 11. But I thought that was better than going back to the caravan where we were staying, because the beds there are really uncomfortable and about 5cm wide. And it's freezing.
The really annoying thing is that they've known since this morning that it was going to be delayed, so why couldn't they have let us know somehow? Mum did get a text from them saying about the flight being delayed about half an hour ago, but we'd already been here for ages by then!

So yes. I'm really bored right now.

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