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  1. Thank you GotPika, having fun with PokeBattleCenter

    Here is one of my battles. I performed terribly as usual but I still won. I'm MrAxew btw :3

    Battle between Kirill and MrAxew started!

    Tier: 5th Gen Ubers
    Mode: Singles
    Variation: +14, -18
    Rule: Rated
    Rule: Sleep Clause
    Rule: Freeze Clause
    Rule: Species Clause
    Rule: Self-KO Clause

    Kirill sent out Kyogre!
    MrAxew sent out Gliscor!
    Kirill's Kyogre's Drizzle made it rain!

    Start ...
  2. xD

  3. Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

  4. A little taste of the Natalie (Round 3)

    Yeah I'm not gonna stop...

    Baby I know...yeah I know most of you won't get it.
  5. A little taste of the Natalie (Round 2)

    For now I'll just post 1 video and tell me what you think about her. (P.S At first its difficult to get her drift but just watch the other videos on my previous blog)

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