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What got you into Pokemon?

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by , 2nd October 2011 at 05:22 PM (359 Views)
How did you get into pokemon? Was it the anime or the manga? Did the games do it to you or the cards? And why do you love it so much today?

I was hooked from the first animated episode of pokemon. I watched ash and pikachu's adventures and fell in love with the pokemon world. And after I got my first game, Pokemon Silver (Gold for my brother) I would never be the same. I had always been but since that day I've been a Pokemaniac. If anything i still love pokemon because it's the only way i get to adventure past the norms and boring society to enter another world with all new adventures!

So, what's your story?

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  1. winstein's Avatar
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    Say, why don't you put this topic in the Pokemon World forum? The coverage you will get will be better, since people tend to respond to threads there instead of blogs.

    That's it for now.
  2. Pandantic's Avatar
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    my older sister loved it. and because I adored my older sister even though we bickered every 5 minutes, I wanted to play Pokemon too naturally. I fell in love with Pokemon Yellow, the first game she got given. and when she grew out of it she gave it to me :'3 and then I never grew out of it... she frowns upon Pokemon now, or the fact that I still play it hehe. I used to sit with her and watch her play it for hours upon end, and I would beg her to have the music on so she would even though she found it annoying. she knew Lavender Town had my favourite music so every time we went through it she would turn up the music to the loudest :) so thats my story.
  3. Eeveeanne's Avatar
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    @winstein : I've tried, but unforutnatly I can't make it happen...
  4. Eeveeanne's Avatar
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    Nope i don't have the authority....
    @Bulba_Panda : cute...;3
  5. Sapphire Cherry's Avatar
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    I was watching cartoon network and saw The Temple of the Sea movie. I was instantly obsessed.


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