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Review: Pokémon White

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by , 28th September 2011 at 04:58 PM (211 Views)
Hey, because I never did something with my other blog, I decided to do a reviewing page!

Reviewing: Pokémon White Version

Platform: Nintendo DS
Category: RPG
Players: 1-4 players simultaneous
Connectivity: DS Wireless, Wi-Fi, IR
Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo
The Pokémon Company
Part of: Generation V main series

What I first thought of it when I bought it in the Bart Smit (a shop with games in the Netherlands) was: "WHAT THE HELL! I NEED IT! I NEED IT!!!" After I pushed the chip in the DS, I was excited. I choose Oshawott, because lately I've been using allot of water-types. I first started my journey by just catching some basic Pokémon. A normal-type, Lillypup, was the first Pokémon I caught. I kept him in the team because I think it looked cute, but could maybe keep power to surprise opponents. After just walking allot I began to feel bored.

They didn't really show cool Pokémon that I would like to review off. I was just catching a few Pokémon here, a few there. Till I defeated all the gym leaders. I finally began to see more excitement. The only fun I had was discovering the glitch rock in the 7th gym before that moment. So like everybody hopes, I wanted to have a easy Victory Road. My wish was granted. It wasn't really hard, but the trainers were annoying.

The Elite four wasn't as hard as I expected, with all the high levelled Pokémon (all of mine were around 40-43). Defeating them all brings you to a well made place inside the mountain. The temple was beautiful to see, but it was a bit big. Going inside, I just saw N and the champion, Alder. Suddenly, a SUPER COOL castle wall comes up, together with all the stairs crushing into the temple. I think that was the best cutscene in the game. Just going inside, founding the Plasma grunt that brings you back to the Poké Center and also a Rare Candy. Finding N, I just easily caught Zekrom with 4 Ultra Balls and 1 Quick ball. The battle wasn't that hard either. Then Ghetsis showed up, and that was the battle that I found hardest, losing for more than 5 times. After some levelling I finally defeated him. Than the game ends with a totally white credits.
Well, the Pokémon were fun to see, and great that they could still manage to think of 150 Pokémon to put in the game. Also the new way to evolve Pokémon with trading was weird.

GEN V Pokémon: 7,5
I didn't expect to much of these, but some are powerfull with new tactics.

The region was great to see, seeing a map that was taken from New York, instead of Japan. With a good looking big Poké ball in the middle and ofcourse Anville town.

GEN V Map: 5,5
Once you entered the castle and defeated Ghetsis, you cannot go back to N's castle. You also can't fly to Anville town, even though it is a town. Also it's to bad you can't fly to entralink and that the route suddenly stops near Nuvema town.

The gameplay was fun, because you have more options to run and get through the game, like in the 7th gym, with the twisting panels and pinball flippers. Also Chargestone cave was fun, trying to navigate your way through pushing.

GEN V Gameplay: 8
New ways to get through the game is always fun, but sometimes it's hard. You don't know what you need to do, you can't find the exit, your escape rope had been stolen by a Drilbur...


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