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Isamu Akai

You get: Zekrom

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Spoilers below, I guess.

So, just beaten N, that jerk Ghetsis and caught Zekrom in my copy of White version, and essentially beaten the game. I have to say though, I agree with what nearly everyone had to say, that BW does have a vastly superior story compared to nearly all of the generations. Sure it does recycle the usual formulas, but at least this game presented it and told it far better, and with a better cast. I must say that I am especially impressed that the gym leaders actually had a role in the game's plot, rather than serving as people who do nothing but sit around in their gyms, waiting for battles (except Cilan, Cress and Chilli, they did absolutely nothing).

Of course, genius me decided that I could take on the Elite Four with my Pokemon at levels 47 or so. How I managed to get passed all of them, along with N and Ghetsis, I have no idea. But I sure as heck used a heck of a lotta items.... Ugh, serves me right for being impatient and going through that hell. If I ever get Black version or the obligatory third version, I'll certainly have to remind myself to train more, as much as it pains my impatient old self. Seriously, I hate that. You get to the end of Victory Road, and your Pokemon are still way too underleveled to move on.

Oh well... Anyway, I've beaten it, and looks like there's still some stuff to do.

Into the PC you go, Zektaro. (No I didn't call it that, but thinking about it, maybe I should have.)

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  1. Buzz's Avatar
    Anyway, I've beaten it, and looks like there's still some stuff to do.
    You will soon find out how false that statement is.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    (except Cilan, Cress and Chilli, they did absolutely nothing).
    Don't be so sure. ;)
  3. Buzz's Avatar
    I think they're the Shadow Triad. Just saying.
  4. Ferbgor's Avatar
    This is what Audinos were invented for! Impatient trainers who want their Pokemon to level up fast.
  5. Buzz's Avatar
    Yeah but it's so annoying to go back and forth and wait for the rustling grass that I just stopped using that method and continued with the old training method. I think it might have been faster, depending on how lucky you are with getting that rustling grass to appear.
  6. Ferbgor's Avatar
    It gets to me sometimes, but I persevered and all my Pokemon were lv56 even when I went to the League.
  7. Isamu Akai's Avatar
    By "other things to do", I meant going to the other three towns, catching any remaining legendaries, finding all of the Seven Sages, and painstakingly training my Pokemon to levels 75 or so before I face Alder.

    The Audino, even those at level 50, aren't really giving me a lot of EXP... This is going to be so painfully long. I don't think I've ever trained any of my teams before to level 70, I've always left off at 50 - 60.


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