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Isamu Akai

(XY spoilers?) Can the 'Kanto 2.0' just end?...

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There's always going to be at least one thing people will dislike about a new generation. It could be the new Pokemon, the changes to gameplay, the lack of old Pokemon, or the heavy abundance of old Pokemon...

With XY only having roughly 70 Pokemon and about over 380 approximate older Pokemon and several Generation 1 Mega formes, people are growing pretty disappointed by this... even specifically calling XY the 'Kanto 2.0', and not just because of the abundance of Generation 1 Pokemon, but also because of other references to the region. However I happen to see more dislike, or perhaps even hate, about it than just mere disappointment.

And personally, I don't like it. I can certainly see and understand why everyone thinks that, and I too am a little disappointed over the lack of newer Pokemon and more variety, but it does make me feel a little uncomfortable.

I'm a fan of Generation 1. Always have been, always will be. I've been with the series since the first Gen, and I generally like most things from Gen 1... but certainly not everything. I'm not what you would call a 'blind fan', I enjoy the other Gens regularly and have quite a few favorites outside of Gen 1, and I'm not always happy with what Gen I otherwise had to offer (Especially with how broken and imbalanced the games were). But because of people's apparent dislike of XY's lack of new Pokemon and calling it the 'Kanto 2.0' equivalent, it makes me feel a little uncomfortable because I happen to be a fan of that early Gen. I know people aren't giving the older fans bad rep for what GF decided to do with XY, but it almost feels like it. Like I'm not too happy with XY either that there are only 70 new Pokemon and that the majority of Mega formes of are older Pokemon. (Seriously, why can't Gen 6 Pokemon Mega evolve? You think they would!) And frankly, Gen 2 especially had a lack of newer Pokemon in it back then with the majority only appearing post game, and no one really complains about that.

Though I suppose in the end it doesn't really matter, just another one of my usual musings aloud. I'll still enjoy the game either way. I just wish my lower back wasn't hurting so I could enjoy it more...

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  1. HumanDawn's Avatar
    Unova is Kanto 2.0, not Kalos :/.
  2. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    You want to know something, two things actually. First off is that I did NOT grow up with the first generation, or the second for that matter, I came into the franchise around Gen 3. The other things is that Gen 1 is actually probably my least favorite generation, probably because I find it severely dated compared to the other generations.

    And the later generations are getting ignored more and more for more nostalgia trips.
  3. Isamu Akai's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by HumanDawn
    Unova is Kanto 2.0, not Kalos :/.
    I'm only quoting what people are saying.
  4. Umbrepom's Avatar
    I have something to say: apparently it cannot do any of such.
  5. Reila's Avatar
    As said by HumanDawn, Unova is actually Kanto 2.0. If anything, Kalos is Johto 2.0 (few Pokémon introduced, new type, new mechanics etc). But even if it Kalos was in fact Kanto 2.0, there would be absolutely nothing wrong with that. I don't get what people have against Kanto. Also, Kanto 2.0 is far better than say, Unova 2.0.


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