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Isamu Akai

Fragile Rufflet that takes forever to evolve

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So once again, another Pokemon game is beaten. This time Black version, which I bought about a week or so ago.

And I must say, it was definitely a lot easier this time than it was in White. Though I guess that is a given, considering White was the first time I was playing BW, and it was essentially a blind run of sorts. That isn't to say that Black wasn't hard at times, and indeed it was, what with the superior AIs of both trainers and wild Pokemon. Their AIs were certainly improved upon from past generations... I can't say I was too thrilled having my level 26 Pokemon being KO'd by level 21-24 wild Pokemon... Seriously, I'm not really too fond of some of the changes in mechanics that BW had made, especially not the changes made to experience points... But for the most part, it was a lot easier this time.

My team, for anyone interested, was Samurott, Simisear, Rufflet, Rhyperior, Shiftry, and Gothitelle.

The Rufflet, Rhyperior and Shiftry were all hatched from eggs that I traded over from White version. Had I had easy access to Porygon in Diamond or SoulSilver, I would have used PorygonZ over Gothielle. Not saying that Unova has some bad Pokes or anything, but I wanted to use some different Pokes that were not the same as the ones I used in White. That and I'd rather use my favorites, and try out different species from time to time. Makes me wonder what sort of things I'll raise in Black 2 and White 2 in the future...

As for training my Pokemon to the mid 70's to face Alder like I did in White... Not so sure if I want to do that again in Black version, as it took a lot of time out of my hands and I'm not too sure if I'll be so committed to doing it again. Who knows, but maybe it might be a tad easier now that I have Black City to visit... hm. ...Or not, the trainers there have low levels.

In other news, I've also been doing a Nuzlocke run in Crystal, which I've been recording my progress in the form of a comic over at my DeviantArt and Smackjeeves. I don't think I'll be posting it here though, but I've also been considering doing a second Nuzlocke run in Pokemon Yellow in addition, which I may retell in the form of a fanfic instead of another comic. Maybe I'll post that one here in the forums, not quite too sure.

That's all.

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