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You said lol irl

Problem set problems

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I've been trying to think of ways of approaching my computer science problem set. This is me now:

I need to get this to work. I want a good grade in this class.

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  1. OverlordRuby's Avatar
    That can't be you. You are living in the real world (presumably) and sand usually falls apart when it is hit by a large object, such as a human. It is physically impossible for that to be you.

    Anyways, I hope you do well!
  2. Flannery's Avatar
    Id ask you which class (since I've probably taken it and all since I'm a CS major) but I'm too drunk to help you lol
  3. Shinobu's Avatar
    @Ratohnhaké:ton lol. It's Intro CS 2.


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