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You said lol irl

I'll be talking about Pokemon, gymnastics, Project Runway, and other things you probably don't care about.

  1. It's midterm time

    Today I took my Computer Science midterm. When I saw the code included for the first question, I was a little confused since it appeared to contain the answer. Eventually the professor pointed this out after a student showed it to him and the first question was eliminated from the test.


    And now I will get the results of my two other midterms tomorrow.
  2. Reading Edgar Allen Poe

    Every time I read a story by Edgar Allen Poe, this is what happens:

    1. Exposition: Okay, I get the background of what's happening in this story.
    2. The middle 90% of the story: No idea what's going on.
    3. Conclusion: Some one dies.

    Then I have to read the story multiple times to acquire a basic understanding of what the story is about.

    Every single time.
  3. A different kind of valentine

    I usually don't put posts so close together, but I thought this should be shared before the day ends.
  4. This is the theme song to my life

    Any activity I do is made more epic if this is in the background.
  5. Pokemon representations of Street Fighter Characters: Part 1

    This is just something I felt like doing. I'll probably include some more well known characters later.


    Crimson Viper
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