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So today I tried being normal...

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by , 9th September 2011 at 07:18 PM (339 Views)
So I rode my bike around the block like most of the kids in my neighborhood do, and was social for a change. (social as in not running away from people who are walking down the street when I'm on my porch so I can avoid talking to them)... But at first, I was on my crappy small training-wheeled scooter. Then this blonde boy passed me and he said, "Hi.", and I said, "Yeah, this is an old scooter.", and he said, "I can see that." embarresed as ever, I rid as fast as I could to my driveway and into my house. I put some air in the tires of my bike, still scared of falling off my bike, and went out to ride. As I rode, I kept passing the said guy, and at first he said "Hullo. I see you brought your bike." he then followed me a bit and stuff as we passed. Then, I had got bored and mounted my bike to look for the cat that I had dubbed "Mister Melancholy", and unpleasant yet sweet cat, as I had saw him walking around. The boy passed me again and asked, "Are you nine? You look like you're nine.", and I said "I'm eleven.", and he replied, "Oh, me too!". That was the last time I saw him today.

I am so doing this tommorow

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  1. ChinYao's Avatar
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    XD d'awwww... what the heck, it's not even spring and love is everywhere. September needs its own Valentine's day!
  2. Pyradox's Avatar
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    ^^ The New Valentine's Day should be September 10th.

    I've supported the idea of two Valentine's Days for a long time. You see:

    St Valentine's Day - February 14th. Marks the day when St Valentine was killed.
    New Valentine's Day - September 10th. Marks a day to be in love and give flowers to people.

    There's more love in September than February practically every year.

    Happy New Valentine's Day!
  3. ChinYao's Avatar
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    Darn, it's not New Valentine's Day for five more hours for me >_<!
  4. Pyradox's Avatar
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    Well, happy New Valentine's for later then.

    I suppose I must be one of the only people on earth that can turn February 14th into a day to think about when St Valentine was stoned to death.

    Authors Note: Stoned to death means that somebody threw heavy stones at them until they died, not what you may be thinking.
    Updated 10th September 2011 at 03:28 PM by Pyradox