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So today I tried being normal...

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So I rode my bike around the block like most of the kids in my neighborhood do, and was social for a change. (social as in not running away from people who are walking down the street when I'm on my porch so I can avoid talking to them)... But at first, I was on my crappy small training-wheeled scooter. Then this blonde boy passed me and he said, "Hi.", and I said, "Yeah, this is an old scooter.", and he said, "I can see that." embarresed as ever, I rid as fast as I could to my driveway and into my house. I put some air in the tires of my bike, still scared of falling off my bike, and went out to ride. As I rode, I kept passing the said guy, and at first he said "Hullo. I see you brought your bike." he then followed me a bit and stuff as we passed. Then, I had got bored and mounted my bike to look for the cat that I had dubbed "Mister Melancholy", and unpleasant yet sweet cat, as I had saw him walking around. The boy passed me again and asked, "Are you nine? You look like you're nine.", and I said "I'm eleven.", and he replied, "Oh, me too!". That was the last time I saw him today.

I am so doing this tommorow

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  1. Pandaun's Avatar
    XD d'awwww... what the heck, it's not even spring and love is everywhere. September needs its own Valentine's day!
  2. Pyradox's Avatar
    ^^ The New Valentine's Day should be September 10th.

    I've supported the idea of two Valentine's Days for a long time. You see:

    St Valentine's Day - February 14th. Marks the day when St Valentine was killed.
    New Valentine's Day - September 10th. Marks a day to be in love and give flowers to people.

    There's more love in September than February practically every year.

    Happy New Valentine's Day!
  3. Pandaun's Avatar
    Darn, it's not New Valentine's Day for five more hours for me >_<!
  4. Pyradox's Avatar
    Well, happy New Valentine's for later then.

    I suppose I must be one of the only people on earth that can turn February 14th into a day to think about when St Valentine was stoned to death.

    Authors Note: Stoned to death means that somebody threw heavy stones at them until they died, not what you may be thinking.
    Updated 10th September 2011 at 03:28 PM by Pyradox