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  1. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic LEGO MINIFIGURES

    Yup, you heard correctly. LEGO is considering making pony minifigures based off of the MLP:FIM series, or so I've heard on dA. I am supporting this. The idea of playing with LEGO miniponies almost makes me giddy.

    If they get 10,000 supporters, LEGO will buy the rights to make them and we can buy 'em! :D Of course, Hasbro may not accept... but who doesn't like making money? And they're already at 5,000+ and counting!

    Please, if you can, and like this idea, support it, and ...

    Updated 27th April 2012 at 09:48 PM by Melon Collie

  2. Why I hate to look at the OMG cat

    WARNING: Do not read the article if you want to continue using OMG cat .gifs without feeling guilty

    (not sure if anyone else posted something like this, but ah well)

    Oh my gawsh. I was looking about for the OMG cat video when I read this article.

    Shocking, huh?

    I am never looking at OMG cat the same way again.
  3. Yo yo

    I'm back, as it seems. This place will have to be FaceBook for me now, and better than it, I believe.

    So what's new? I know a lot has changed here, lot'sa stuff. Including music intrests... shall I list my favorite songs as of now?
    Okay, so:
    Fall Out Boy- Dance, Dance
    Hedly- Bones Shatter
    Fall Out Boy- Sugar we're Goin' Down
    Linkin Park- Faint
    Hot Chelle Rae- I Like it Like That
    Owl City- Saltwater Room
    Owl City- To the Sky ...

    I've got a cold. I feel very hot (as in tempature), and I've got a stuffy nose, and sore throat.

    ;_; And it's such a nice day out!
  5. So today I tried being normal...

    So I rode my bike around the block like most of the kids in my neighborhood do, and was social for a change. (social as in not running away from people who are walking down the street when I'm on my porch so I can avoid talking to them)... But at first, I was on my crappy small training-wheeled scooter. Then this blonde boy passed me and he said, "Hi.", and I said, "Yeah, this is an old scooter.", and he said, "I can see that." embarresed as ever, I rid as fast as I ...
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