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Not that anyone cares...

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I've been a huge fan of TRsRockin since I was young. I have taken it upon myself to archive every page so that in case it's bought by another domain crawler, and a robots.txt is put in to place disallowing you to view it on the internet archive, you can still view the site in it's entirety. I will post a download link to the entire archive upon request, as it is quite a lot of files. Note that I did NOT archive the entire site, only the video game content. More content MAY be added, but once again, only upon request.

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    That site was my childhood. Dem bootleg Engrish sections.
  2. Missingno. Master's Avatar
    TRsRockin- I practically lived on that site. Back then, that site was the place to learn about Glitch Pokemon. That site is where I first learned about .4 and A, and the fact that Missingno. had a Ghost form, and that the Cinnabar coast Pokemon were based on the player's name... "Not that anyone cares..."? If you think nobody cares about that site, then you, my friend, are sadly mistaken.
  3. RainbowSylveon's Avatar
    That was a glorious site. I went there all the time to read the glitch and bootleg articles. It was amazing.


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